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  5 Zambala Wish Fulfilling Wealth Vase 吉祥福運五路財神寳瓶  
(According to the Termal of Terton Jatson Nyingpo)
Shartul Dhamchoe Rinpoche especially consecrated the 5 Zambala wish fulfilling wealth vase for the benefits of all sentient beings. It is especially beneficial in rectifying all the harmful effects caused by the turbulent economic crisis. Through the blessing of the 5 Zambala, the unstable economic situation will be quickly stabilized.
The onslaughts of the economic turbulence, collapse of banking giants and the massive retrenchment have shown us clearly the meaning of impermanent. Thus, we should quickly accumulate several good merits with this impermanent human body. We must also understand that the wealth that we have accumulated in this life time is actually a result of the good karma we have accumulated in our previous lives. As such, we should readily make offerings to the triple gems and frequently practice the perfection of giving.
The 5-Zamabala wish fulfilling wealth vases are prepared according to the Terma teaching of Teron Garchen Nyingpo. The vases have been blessed continuously (24 hours) for six days by Rinpoche and various lamas.
Content of the Wealth Vase consists of the following items:
1. 5 metals and various precious stones (prosperity and harvest )
2. Medicine and various herbs (eradication of diseases and illnesses)
3. Holy items from Tandong Gyalpo and Tsewang Norbu
4. 7 lives Brahmins relics
5. Mandala sand of the Yidam practice according to the Karma and Terma lineage
6. Nanga pills holy and Nine-eye zee powder
7. Holy relics and Dharma pills of various mahasiddhas

Benefits of Making Offerings to the

5-Zambala Wish Fulfilling Wealth Vase
The Wealth vases are the embodiment of the 3 roots; Guru, Yidam and Khandro. It is the mandala of all the Zambalas and wealth deities and encompasses the four activities of pacifying, increasing, magnetizing and subjugating. Through making confession in front of the vases, one will eradicate various obstacles and quickly complete the 2 accumulations of merits and wisdom.
Whenever the wealth vase can be found, there will be eradication of disasters and obstacles caused by the 4 elements.
How to make offerings to the Wealth Vase
1. One should constantly recite the mantra of Urgyen Norla with the motivation to benefit all sentient beings.
2. The wealth vase can be placed on altar or any clean and hidden place.
3. One can offer incense, water, red tea, red wine or flowers (daily offering is not a must).
4. Chocolate, sweets or biscuits can be offered (after offering, the items can be distributed to friends and relatives for consumption).
Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Ra Na Ta Chen
Za Sa Wa Si De Pa La Hung
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