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  NEWS Penang, Malaysia 3 - 9 Dec 2009  
Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Short Update on Shartul Rinpoche's Penang Event:

Shartul Rinpoche was invited to Wisdom Retreat Center in Penang, Malaysia to attend its grand opening ceremony. Prior to the ceremony, we have arranged for Tulku to do healing for some of the followers. It turned out that about 650 people turned up to ask for blessing and healing over the past 4 days. Many have seen vast improvement in their health and came back for follow-up
treatments and seek refuge with Rinpoche.

Tulku's presence at the temple also brought forth very auspicious signs. There were showers during blessings sessions and dharma talks. When Tulku was giving blessing prior to the opening ceremony last evening, a very beautiful rainbow appeared :)

About 3000 people, including Minister, and celebrities attended the opening ceremony and requested for Rinpoche's blessings.

Everyone rejoices and the abbot was very delighted and thanked Tulku profusely for gracing the event and healing so many people.

Our team of helpers are very happy that we can assist Rinpoche to help relieve some of their pain and sufferings.

Tashi Delek,


馬來西亞『智光閉關中心』邀請上師夏祖仁波切出席「智光閉關中心開光典禮」,法會儀式之前,信眾請求上師為他們治病,為期四天的法會期間,前後計有650人豋記請求上師為其治病與加持;許多已治療過的信眾感覺到病痛有顯著的改善,致而返回再次請求 上師重複治療,同時請求皈依庇護。




我們新加坡的四位弟子甚感喜悅能有機會協助 上師夏祖仁波切幫助眾信眾減輕痛苦與煩惱。

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